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Casting for a Staged Reading of the musical “The Queen and the Kid.” 



Seeking singing actors for an original musical inspired by the true story of New Mexico’s most legendary characters.  This Theater of Death production features music by Joe West and story by Andrew Wice.  This is a non-equity and non-paid event, but the Staged Reading will pave the way for a full production of this musical in 2022.  Especially seeking bilingual, Hispanic and Native American actors.  Schedule an audition.   


Dates & Location: 

Audition date:  October 14, 5 –10 pm at Teatro Paraguas (stage B) in Santa Fe. 

Rehearsal dates:  November 18-November 20  

Event date:  November 21 at Teatro Paraguas (main stage) in Santa Fe 





BILLY THE KID:  tenor [18-28, dangerous beneath his boyish charm] 

SUE MCSWEEN:  alto [25-40, pretty, energetic and self-assured; bold and independent]  


Major Characters 

JAMES DOLAN:  tenor or baritone [25-45, small and dangerous, Irish] 

BOB OLINGER:  baritone or bass [25-50, big, tall pockmarked loudmouth] 

ALEXANDER MCSWEEN:  tenor [25-40, tall and reedy, weak-chinned]  

SATURNINO BACA: baritone or bass [30-50, retired warrior, huge black beard] 

JUANA BACA:  soprano or alto [30-50, maternal, stern and disapproving] 

JOHN CHISUM:  baritone or bass [40-60, medium build, ruthless, leathery, villainous] 

SALLIE CHISUM:  soprano or alto [18-30, an earnest, buxom dirty-blonde]         

CHARLIE BOWDRE:  tenor, baritone, bass [20-35, rooster-skinny, Billy’s best friend]             

LEW WALLACE:  tenor, baritone, bass [40-70, thoughtful and delicately featured]         

MRS. WALLACE soprano or alto [30-50, slim and clever, a wry city woman]      



[ages 20-70, all vocal ranges, all races, all gender identities] 

Hey everybody. Joe West here. Im directing the staged reading of The Queen and The Kid. Though we would like for those auditioning to have a prepared monologue, it doesn't mean you HAVE to. But it would be preferred.
  As for music, if you have an acapella song, that would be great. An alternative is that I'd like to see if you can sing, have rhythm but also like to have fun and be creative with me. I will have a guitar and a keyboard there to sing tunes with  and if you know a few standards like, Happy Bday, Circle Be Unbroken or Amazing Grace we can do that and read from script. Please contact me to set up a time for the audition.

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