Theater of Death was founded in 2014 by musician and impresario, Joe West.  

Originally its home was the Engine House Theatre in Madrid, New Mexico where 

the company dedicated its first 7 years creating original short plays of horror and comedy in the tradition of the French Theatre du Grand Guignol. In 2021 the company left Madrid as its home base and is now producing shows wherever the opportunity presents itself.


The company is the driving force behind The Madrid Film Festival, The Psychedelic Folk and Bluegrass Festival and several art exhibitions and theatrical events in the state of New Mexico.


Artistic Director- Joe West

Film Festival co-producer-Andrew Wice

Technical Staff-Doug Speer, Laine Patterson, Timothy Willis

Advertising- Richard Weigers

Financial Director/Dramaturg- Stuart Graw

Ticketing-Sherilee Speer

Merchandise- Peggy McNamara and Judy Henry

Makeup- Deborah Lee

Actors/musicians past and present-

Caiti Lord, Todd Anderson, Diane Lotti, Teresa Finley, Betsy Scarinzi, Steve Shephard, Lance Highers,  Richard Weigers, Raymond Schwartz, David Ode, Andrew Wice, Stephen Rommell, Wendy Ludlow, Mike The Canman Burney, Leslye Sneider, Johnny Broomdust, Lori Ottino, Tina Rodriguez, James Hayes, Decimus Varo, JoAnna Conte, Tim Arnold, Westin McDowell, Danial Jaramillo, Stephen Pitts,  Anthony Leon, Kevin Jones, Uncle, Liam Merkle, Busy McCarroll,