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Theater of Death was founded in 2014 by

Northern New Mexico's renaissance man

Joe West. Over the years the company has grown

to include some of Northern New Mexico's most

talented theater artists.

Based in the historic Engine House Theatre in

Madrid, New Mexico, Theater of Death creates original theater based in the tradition 

of The Grand Guignol Theater.


The original Grand Guignol was a theater which opened its doors in Paris in 1897

and, remarkably, stayed in business until 1962. Although it came to life in an age of melodrama, its first creator, Andre Antoine, was attempting a theater of Naturalism. It's dramatic presentations, revealing the dark side of human behavior, became a tantalizing thrill for Parisians. As it grew more famous, tourists rich and poor came from all over the world. They had heard of this phenomenon which claimed to have a "doctor on duty" at all performances to treat audience members who had fainted or suffered heart problems from what they saw on stage.

Located in an old abandoned Catholic convent, The Grand Guignol was thick with ghosts from the past. Combined with streets full of wine, opium, prostitution and absinthe, a trip to this theater was an adventure never to be forgotten.
Theater of Death asks you join us in raising our glasses and offering a toast this wonderful Theater du Grand Guignol.
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